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MridangaMela is a festival property created by Anantha and award winning composer, Viveick Rajagopalan that brings together a world class curation- of interdisciplinary performances, stories and legends - all centred around the mridangam. The art director is Kunal Naik and the on ground event manager is K. G. Ramnarayan.

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Mridangamela's first program was at the Royal Opera House, Mumbai​ in January 2020 featuring Dvita, a traditional presentation of mridangam performance and the Ta Dhom Project, a contemporary presentation of mridangam. Here are some glimpses of the enormous success of the event.

The second edition of Mridangamela was held at Art Village, Karjat, a sprawling estate at the foot of the Tooth Mountain range. This version of Mridangamela was an all day, hand made festival with performances in the evening and day time community outreach events based on the ancient design, Kolam and a body movement activity called, Konnakol Kinetics. 

Mridangamela also presents a podcast, T.L.C. short for #talk #laugh #chill, a one of a kind candid conversation hosted by Anantha and Viveick. Follow the Youtube link to see the very first episode. More to come...

Mridangamela's webinar STOP RECORD, PLAY! was a game changer for many musicians in the classical music circuit who were not aware of the copyright laws in digital and social media. Featuring an all star panel with legendary musicians, Industry experts, artist managers and members of the royalties collection agency, the webinar discussed the most important issues of 2020.

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